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Integrity Compass

knowledge refresher with gamification.

We developed the Integrity Compass for a large Dutch bank. In this game, you travel the world and collect badges by completing actions of integrity. Can you make the right choices and keep the moral compass in balance?

Every business has to deal with rules around integrity. How incorruptible are you? And how do you convey guidelines to your employees in a way that sticks with them?

Integrity compass
In this training, you will help colleagues around the world to make the right decisions, applying the code of conduct. That’s why the integrity compass is at the centre of this module.

In every dilemma, the compass comes into play and swings back and forth. Your job is to keep your moral compass in balance by making the right choices.


Each country you visit will feature a different topic. For each topic, you can earn a badge. The situations in different countries provide variety and challenge, while the feedback and badges reinforce the sense of achievement.

The Integrity Compass builds on information and knowledge gained by participants in the introductory training on the Code of Conduct. But we offer a whole new learning experience by applying gamification. This makes the training an experience. This increases participants’ engagement and motivation. Thus, the annual refresh moment becomes a fun and interactive experience.

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