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IT Security Awareness at bol.com

What the Hack.

Bol.com wanted to increase the IT Security awareness of its employees. For this, they did not want a standard package, but an approach that fits seamlessly with bol.com’s young and dynamic corporate culture.

To achieve this, learn industry developed the concept What the Hack. In this module, you are recruited as a participant to go undercover in a hacker network. Your task is to find out important information about hacking. This is how you can protect bol.com.

This is really the coolest security compliance training I have ever done!

Bol.com employee

What an awesome e-learning! I am already looking forward to the sequel.

Bol.com employee

Netflix-like series
The result is a series of lively interactions embedded in a video series with a Netflix feel. With humour and an exciting story, participants are drawn into the learning. The result: an effective learning experience that bol.commers are proud of. The IT Security department daringly opted for a customised solution, which achieved an impressive NPS score.

What’s next?
The module ends with a cliffhanger. This keeps the participant in suspense for the follow-up module!

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